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A Climate for Change – the book – Arrives

A New Model of Sustainable Leadership A New Model of Sustainable Leadership

A Climate for Change  – the book  – has arrived. Its first outing was at the National Business Leaders Sustainability Forum at Australia’s Parliament House.  As it happens, the Forum proved the ideal venue for the launch, with the key messages of the book striking a chord with over 120 participants securing a copy.    

The clear message from those who perused the new book, was that A Climate for Change represents a new model of sustainable leadership. The type of leadership that we need to embrace right now if we are to survive the current climate of change and uncertainty, and position ourselves for a more sustainable and successful future.

Forum participants were an impressive group of some of Australia’s more influential and forward thinking leaders in sustainable development. Scores of business leaders from organisations like the Sustainability Learning Institute, Westpac, UTS, World Vision, EcoFtures, CSIRO, Energy Australia ; political leaders like Peter Garrett; and thought leaders like Dr Simon Longstaff (St James Ethics Centre), Nic Frances (Cool Nrg), Michael McAllum (Global Foresight Network), Sam Mostyn (formerly IAG and now Sustainability Advisor) and Steve Vamos (Society for Knowledge Economics).

The core message from keynote speaker, Steve Vamos, President clearly resonated with the principles of A Climate for Change.

Here are some his key points and where you can learn more about how to create those results for yourself in A Climate for Change:

  •     To take the lessons learned from the global financial crisis into a  new global economic platform we need a new form of leadership  (Chapters 1,2,5,6)
  •     People have an amazing potential to achieve outstanding results   (Chapters 2, 6,7)
  •     Leaders have the responsibility now more than ever to unleash the value of the people (Chapters 2, 4,6)
  •     But to do that, leaders must leave their  industrial age mindset of command and control behind (Chapters 4, 5, 6)
  •     Global business and society cannot progress into this new age unless leaders can free themselves and others to innovate, make mistakes OK and apply these lessons in the spirit of continuous learning  (Chapter 6)
  •     The bottom line… we  need to ask ourselves the hard question – are we leaders who are fit for the times we live in?

You can find out all about the new book at:

This blog post is the start of a new thread – A Climate for Change In Pictures where I will be sharing the book’s virtual tour over the next 12 months.

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